2017 Unsigned Senior Showcase TOP 30

(pictured Kiyon Hardy 2017 Shipley/ Kutztown Univeristy)

2017 Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase continued to bring the best unsigned seniors is the tri state area. Players displayed the talents in front of bleachers full of coaches. Here is the Retroaction Sports Top 30 list from the event. For more information on available players contact Rasool Hajj 2679733708 or email rasnashaj@hotmail.com

Point Guards

Kiyon Hardy  5’11 (Pa)     Shooter, leader, makes plays for self and others, great grades. (Kutztown University)

Anthony Rodriquez  5’11 (Pa)     Great passer, leads and runs team with the best, athletic guard.
Tamir Green  5’9 (PA)    D1 prospect, can shoot it, defend and drop dimes, NCAA ready.(Prep School)
DaWitt Johnson  6′ (Delaware)     Strong playmaker at lead guard and makes shots.
Julius Inge  6’1 (Delaware)     Can shoot it and run team from PG position, great range.
Arian Azemi  6′ (Pa)     D1 prospect, great floor vision, drops dimes all day and hits the 3!

Jaleel Rhodes  5’6 (Pa)    Fast with great vision on court, nice mid range jumper, defender.

Combo Guards
Jamir Carr  6’3 (Pa)  Long, lefty, gets buckets in transition, can go on ball, solid jumper, MOTOR.
Isaiah Watson 6’3 (Pa)  Strong body, great off bounce, tough defender on ball, great grades.
Travis Holmes 6′ (Delaware)  Scorer, scores, scorer, gets the ball in the basket, tough.
Latrell West 6’2 (NJ)  Scores ball off bounce and nice jumper, gets after it.
Damon Bryant  6’0 (Pa)  Solid combo, can swing over to point, smart IQ, great passer.
Lafaytte Price  6’1 (Delaware)  Can play both guard spots, nice pull up and goes hard.
Wing Guards
Mehki Morris  6’3 (Pa)  Shooter that can light it up and score the rock, defends well.
Vincent Smalls 6’3 (Pa)   Big, strong wing, vicious finisher! bully to the basket and nice shot.
Nyjere Hodges  6’3 (Delaware)  Wing that can shoot 3, pass and defend ball, smooth scorer.
Jarod Simmons  6’3 (Nj)  Aggressive scorer, plays down hill, gets to rim, defender, good shot.
Zion Patterson  6’2 (Pa)   Smooth pull up game, scores ball and defends.
Malik Lorenzoro  6’3 (Pa)  Slim athletic wing, nice shot, score at will on break.
Small Forwards
Torrance Moore 6’5 (Pa)  Bully at SF, good off bounce, finisher!, great on boards, blocks to.
Darian Bellenger  6’5 (Pa) Tall Shooter, Athletic finisher, High % from 3, NCAA ready
Tyrese Stewart 6’5 (Pa)  Great mid range, defender, good passer and rebounds all misses.
Sekou Fofana 6’5 (Pa)  Can shoot, rebound and plays hard, can make wide open 3.
Maurice Waters  6’5 (Pa) Super athlete, finisher above rim, blocks, defends, and high motor. (University of DC)
Power Forwards
Fran Murcia  6’8 (Spain/Pa)  Face up, great touch, can pass, rebound and top IQ.
Abrihm Sylla  6’8 (Pa)   Face up, Rebounds and Blocks, can play inside or out. (Putnam Science Academy)
Brahin Riley  6’8 (Delaware)  Athletic, finisher, shot blocker, best days ahead.
Mike Pitts  6’4 (Pa)   Strong on boards, hard worker, gives everything, leader.
Barry Quartlebum  6’5 (Pa)  Nice range, rebounds, solid inside defender.
Rashaad Anderson  6’5 (Pa)   Defender, finishes around the rim, rebounds, plays hard.
Jordan Cardenas 6’8 (Ecusdor/Pa)    Big body, strong inside, rebounds, scores well inside
2017 Unsigned Senior Showcase TOP 30

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