All City Classic Presents Top 80 Eigth grade clinic

Nothing like the feeling when you make another platinum hit. This past Saturday in the City of Brotherly Love the team from Philly USA Basketball and Retroaction Sports hosted basketball clinic for the Top 80 eighth grade boys in our area. Amazingly our area has grown because we had some of the top players from VA, Harrisburg, NJ, MD, Delaware and even NY. This report will focus on the Harrisburg and VA players.

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top 80 A

Harrisburg:  Harrisburg is an under the radar hot bed for talent. College coaches
take note early!

Tyonte Gibson 5’9 CG Nativity School: this kid is quick with ball and plays hard, he went at the best at the clinic and more than held his own, he got in the lane consistently and got ball out on the fast on the break, not scared to defend or rebound either, but that runs in
the family, look for this kid to make an impact on a high school team next year once he get stronger. Bright future.

Khisann Lester 5’8 PG Camp Curtian School: he played was passion and played smart, has high basketball IQ, and was not scared to go get the ball and compete, he showed the scouts his speed and leadership, he attacked whoever lined up against him, and had much success, Hit a few mid range shots and never stopped competing.

Xavier Samuels 6’3 WF Cyber School: X started off slow but after his 1st game he began to “work out” , he rebounded and started to show what he’s been in the lab working on, can you say drop step or offensive rebound and put back, X made some great passes during all 4 of his games, and he battled with the top 8th graders from MD and Philly area, he got better and better as the day went on. If focuses on conditioning has great potential.

Devon Lee 5’9 PG Math and Science Academy: was one of the top players of the clinic, top 10 easy, kid is ready to help a high school team now, great feel, great passer, great court vision, and he made plays for himself and others off the dribble or off the pick and roll, he
defended and went after rebounds, kid has the poise of an older player and his name will ring throughout our state, was coachable and always competed, lets not even talk about the smooth jumper from all over the court when open or facials. Future star (*if work ethic continues to be strong*)

Virgina Prospects:
6 hour ride and didn’t disappoint! Held own vs best in Philly.

Joseph Greene 5’9 Vernon John Jr High, VA: quick and stayed on the attack all day, great court vision, made several incredible perfect passes during each game, used his speed on offense and defense, showed his jump shot and that he wasn’t scared to attack the trees, matched up defensive on some off the best at the clinic and never backed down, his IQ and his overall speed was impressive, he won every 50/50 loose ball, energizer bunny. With some added strength this summer he will burst on the VA high school scene.

Jaden Walker 5’10 PG/CG/Player Vernon John Jr High,VA : Fast, smart combo guard that does whatever team needs, made play after play on offesive and defense, he went out a strapped up vs the best in the clinic and showed his toughness, he was a leader and a general on the court, he even moved to the point when team needed, also he shot the
strings out the ball, he hit 3 or more triples each game he played,with distance!, one of the top competitors and players at the event, Easily top 10 of clinic. Big future.

Note: Special Thanks to all Educational Speakers, Trainers, and Support
Staff. (Hope you didn’t think we just played basketball, lol.)

All City Classic Presents Top 80 Eigth grade clinic

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