Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase Recap!!!by Born Leader Family

Unsigned Senior 2018



Our 9th Annual Unsigned Senior Showcase brought some of the best available talent in the northeast region. With a collective of top tier talent and college coaches from across the country. The 2018 Showcase did not disappoint as the players left everything on the floor while trying to secure a college opportunity of playing at the next level. As always Charles Jones and the Born Leader Family were on hand and provided beautiful imagery.

Below you will find game highlights, also be on the look at for Born Leader Top Tier Select Team post






Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase Recap!!!by Born Leader Family

2018 Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase(UPDATE)

Unsigned Senior 2018

One of the premier event on the east coast returns with a deeper talent pool, this year’s event is filling up fast with over colleges already committing from across the United States. Don’t miss your opportunity to partake in this exciting event.

Date:  April 14th 2018

Location: Imhotep Charter located at 6201 N 21st Philadelphia Pa

General Admission is $5(for NON Coaches)

College Coaches 
Entry with Packet $70
Entry without Packet $35

Player Registration $40

Registration for players & coaches contact Rasool Hajj Email: Phone:2679733708

Don’t  miss out on the next big time player

Here is a sneak peek at our committed players





2018 Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase(UPDATE)

Focus 25 RECAP !!!



Retroaction Sports presented our FOCUS 25 camp on October 28,2017 which featured players from the northeast region. The participants were exposed to life skills from Maynard Merriman, “After Basketball” insight from former Retroaction Sports Alumni David George who is currently a writer from the Philadelphia  Eagles of the NFL, They heard from Legendary Sonny Hill League coach Al Miles about being a “Winner”, Learned Yoga from Teach Peace Yoga. A dynamic warm up from Doug Tucker(OurKidzFirst). They were taught invaluable basketball training development by Charles Jones of BORN LEADERS FAMILY & Our Founder Jamal Green. The Talent was evaluated by Philly guru Paul Gripper. We would like to thank everyone who supported our great camp.


1)Naheem McLeod 7’2 C Plymouth Whitemarsh 2019
With 40+ plus attendees going to war for the top spot. Once the smoke cleared Naheem McLeod was the king of the hill. They say it takes big kids to more time to develop. Once their coordination catches up with their height then u can properly evaluate them. The time is now with Naheem and he didn’t disappoint. He ran the floor well all day. Finished at the rim no matter the situation, whether it was transition,half court,of the glass. At one point he had 5 dunks in a row. Rebounded out the area or thru traffic. Blocked countless of shots thru out the day. Even showed some mid range shots. Some have said Naheem McLeod will be the next Pro Prospect our the philly area. What he displayed at FOCUS 25 its hard to argue with that statement.

Naheem Mcloud

2)Khalil Turner 6’6 PG Sankofa Freedom 2019
Halfway through the camp it was clear to see who was one of the diamonds in the rough. Khalil Turner is the answer on why Sankofa Freedom will be a contender for the Pennsylvania Class A Championship 2018. They had a terrific run last year, with the skill set Khalil showed at FOCUS 25. Its no reason to believe that Sankofa Freedom will make a deeper run this upcoming season. At 6’6 Khalil is a match up nightmare. Khalil showed solid ball handling and even better vision. Count less of times he dropped dimes out of nowhere. Always had his eyes forward looking for the next play. Showed a solid stroke from the perimeter. Rebounded well and excelled in transition. There’s no question that Khalil will set the trend of being Sankofa Freedom first D1 Player.

Khalil Turner

3)Dymier Montague 6’3 Combo Neumann Goretti 2018
Dymier Montague one of the top available seniors in 2018. He displayed poise of a savvy veteran. With a big season coming ahead for the Neumann Goretti product. He showed up at FOCUS 25 ready to prove he’s ready to lead Neumann Goretti back to mountain top. First thing that u notice is his lunch pale work ethic. If he wasn’t securing rebounds over bigger guys or picking up his man full court. Dymier comes ready to play. Shot the ball well today hitting five 3’s in one half. Attacking the rim relentlessly. At one point he showed off his athleticism by throwing down a tomahawk dunk in transition.

Dymier Montague

4)Jalen Watkins 6’5 PF Mastery South 2019
The first thing that stands out watching Jalen Watkins play is Energy. Jalen displayed a junk yard dog mentality. With strong hands and great athleticism he continuously challenge anyone and anything going to at basket. Jalen showed nice finishing moves plus and solid hook shot. He scored in bunches throughout the day at FOCUS 25. While just entering his junior it’s clear that Jalen is just scratching the surface of his potential.

Jalen Watkins

5a)Ahmad Williams 6’3 Combo Plymouth Whitemarsh 2018
In 2017 Plymouth Whitemarsh to a show why their considered a perineal district 1 powerhouse. Ahmad Williams was the leader on the tough as nails group. He has a tenacity and energy that’s infectious. It was at full display Saturday at FOCUS 25. He showed a improving jump shot and mid range and he lead his team to a quick 12-0 start for his game. Defense is what sticks out when watching Ahmad. Picking up opposing guard full court and harassing them until he stripped them or they made a careless pass was something they replayed over and over on the defensive end.

Ahmad Williams

5b)Ahmin Williams 6’2 Combo Plymouth Whitemarsh 2018
Playmaker has been a role Ahmin has been known for the last couple of years. At Focus 25 it was no different. He consistently kept his team a controlled pace. Ahmin made the simply pass every time, if it wasn’t to the big trailing the play or the wing sliding up the line for the kick out. Ahmin made the right play. Showed himself to be a strong defender. Whether it was defending a big or a quick guard. Ahmin showed quickness and used his length to cause havoc on the defensive end.

Ahmin Williams

7)Christian Brown   5’11 PG Samuel Fels 2018 – Strong shooter, Crafty finisher, Solid passer
Christian Brown

8)Seydou Ndiaye      6’5  PF Frankford 2018 – Face up 4, Strong Rebounder, Hits 3 consistenly

9)Keenan Williams  6’1 PG St Thomas Moore 2018 – Quick, Good Slasher, Solid mid range
Keenan Williams

10)Donelle Holly  6’4 PG Martin Luther King 2018 – Leader, Good Shooter, Crafty ball handler
Donelle Holly
11)James Jones     6’7 PF Roman Catholic 2019 – Good at pick and pop, Shot Blocker, Strong Rebounder
James jones

12)Akello Mosby   6’8 C Engineering and Science 2018 – Good Finsher, Rebounds in traffic, Hardworker
13)Paul Brown       6’7 SF Salesianum (DE) 2018 –  Good shooter, Block shots, Finishes around the rim
14)Jack Brown        6’5 SG Salesianum (DE) 2019 – Solid Shooter, High IQ, Good Passer
15)Jared Simmons 6’2 SG Prestige Prep(DE) 2018 – Plays Hard, Defends, Solid Scorer
16)Fahmir Ali          6’0 PG  Mt Pleasant(DE) 2019 – Strong Finisher, Good passer, Aggressive slasher
17)Najere hodges   6’2 Combo PREP 2018 – Great Defender, Scores all level, Crafty ball handler
18)Daijon Womack 6’3 SG Cardinal O’hara 2019 –  Streaky Shooter, Plays Hard, Can play some pg
19)Max Ferrunte     6’1 PG Salesianum (DE) 2019 – High IQ, Good Shooter, Great vision
20)Dajuan Worthem 5’11 PG 2021 
Good slasher, Solid defender, High upside



Focus 25 RECAP !!!

Retroactionsports Presents: FOCUS 25



Daiquan Copeland Girard College(PA)

Na’shon Hyland St George(DE)

Team One

Davis  6’5″  Con-High
Wills   6’6″  Con-High
Riggins 6’0 Con-High
Mitchell 6’1″  Con-High
West  6’3″  Con-High
Marable  6’1″  Con-High
Hudson  6’1″ Con-High
Henry  6’4″  Bloomfield (NJ)
*Simmons  6’1″  Prep (NJ)
Wortham  5’9″  Morrison
Dorleh  6’5″  Motivation
Team Two
*Hodges  6’3″  Prep (Del)
*Ali  6′ Mt Pleasant (Del)
Jefferson  6’4″  Howard (Del)
Brown  6’8″ Salesianum (Del)
Brown  6’7″  Salesianum (Del)
*Hyland  6’4″ St George (Del)
Ferrate  6′  Salesianum (Del)
Dandridge  6’2″  Mastery
Evans  6’2″  PET
Robinson  6’1″  Pottsgrove
Team Three
Small  6’2″  Phelps
Jamison  6′  Phelps
Moore  6’6″  Gratz
Mosby  6’7″  E. Science
Owens  6’1″  Olney
Ndiaye  6’6″  Frankford
Williams  6’1″  Frankford
Crosby  6’1″  Frankford
Robinson  6’2″  Freire
Lewis  6’4″  Freire
Team Four
Bonner  6’5″  Overbrook
Copeland  6’6″  Girard
*Washington  5’10”  Overbrook
*Montague  6’3″  Neumann
Mears  6’5″  Lincoln
Reed  6’5″  Ryan
Ranson  6′  MCS
Watkins 6’5 Mastery S
Holly  6’3″  King
Dunson  6′  Freire
Higgins 6’5 Mansion
Spann 6’3 Sankofa
Team Five
Shepard  6’4″  Fels
Middleton  6’3″  Mastery
Williams  6’6″  Frankford
Mcailiey  6’4″  Mastery
Jackson  6′  OIC
Walls  6’5″  Mastery
Campbell  5’10”  Mastery
Carpenter  6’3″  Mastery
Brown 5’10”  Fels
Womack 6’6 O’hara
Warren  5’9″  Kingsway
Thomson      Ceder Crest
Voley  5’8″  Cyber Charter
*Turner   6’7″  Sankofa
Highlights of committed participants
Paul Brown
Jack Brown & Mike Kempski
Khalief Washington
Retroactionsports Presents: FOCUS 25

Retroaction Sports Student Athlete Day

student athlete

Our 10th Annual Student Athlete Day is coming May 25th 2017. This is a event where we are honoring all athletes in the tri-state area who have maintained a 3.0 GPA through out the academic school year. Athletes from 5th grade through high school are eligible to be honored as long as they have maintained a 3.0 GPA. All athletes from all sports are eligible to be recognized. Please join us as we celebrate today’s student athlete!

Retroaction Sports Student Athlete Day

2017 Unsigned Senior Showcase TOP 30

(pictured Kiyon Hardy 2017 Shipley/ Kutztown Univeristy)

2017 Retroaction Sports Unsigned Senior Showcase continued to bring the best unsigned seniors is the tri state area. Players displayed the talents in front of bleachers full of coaches. Here is the Retroaction Sports Top 30 list from the event. For more information on available players contact Rasool Hajj 2679733708 or email

Point Guards

Kiyon Hardy  5’11 (Pa)     Shooter, leader, makes plays for self and others, great grades. (Kutztown University)

Anthony Rodriquez  5’11 (Pa)     Great passer, leads and runs team with the best, athletic guard.
Tamir Green  5’9 (PA)    D1 prospect, can shoot it, defend and drop dimes, NCAA ready.(Prep School)
DaWitt Johnson  6′ (Delaware)     Strong playmaker at lead guard and makes shots.
Julius Inge  6’1 (Delaware)     Can shoot it and run team from PG position, great range.
Arian Azemi  6′ (Pa)     D1 prospect, great floor vision, drops dimes all day and hits the 3!

Jaleel Rhodes  5’6 (Pa)    Fast with great vision on court, nice mid range jumper, defender.

Combo Guards
Jamir Carr  6’3 (Pa)  Long, lefty, gets buckets in transition, can go on ball, solid jumper, MOTOR.
Isaiah Watson 6’3 (Pa)  Strong body, great off bounce, tough defender on ball, great grades.
Travis Holmes 6′ (Delaware)  Scorer, scores, scorer, gets the ball in the basket, tough.
Latrell West 6’2 (NJ)  Scores ball off bounce and nice jumper, gets after it.
Damon Bryant  6’0 (Pa)  Solid combo, can swing over to point, smart IQ, great passer.
Lafaytte Price  6’1 (Delaware)  Can play both guard spots, nice pull up and goes hard.
Wing Guards
Mehki Morris  6’3 (Pa)  Shooter that can light it up and score the rock, defends well.
Vincent Smalls 6’3 (Pa)   Big, strong wing, vicious finisher! bully to the basket and nice shot.
Nyjere Hodges  6’3 (Delaware)  Wing that can shoot 3, pass and defend ball, smooth scorer.
Jarod Simmons  6’3 (Nj)  Aggressive scorer, plays down hill, gets to rim, defender, good shot.
Zion Patterson  6’2 (Pa)   Smooth pull up game, scores ball and defends.
Malik Lorenzoro  6’3 (Pa)  Slim athletic wing, nice shot, score at will on break.
Small Forwards
Torrance Moore 6’5 (Pa)  Bully at SF, good off bounce, finisher!, great on boards, blocks to.
Darian Bellenger  6’5 (Pa) Tall Shooter, Athletic finisher, High % from 3, NCAA ready
Tyrese Stewart 6’5 (Pa)  Great mid range, defender, good passer and rebounds all misses.
Sekou Fofana 6’5 (Pa)  Can shoot, rebound and plays hard, can make wide open 3.
Maurice Waters  6’5 (Pa) Super athlete, finisher above rim, blocks, defends, and high motor. (University of DC)
Power Forwards
Fran Murcia  6’8 (Spain/Pa)  Face up, great touch, can pass, rebound and top IQ.
Abrihm Sylla  6’8 (Pa)   Face up, Rebounds and Blocks, can play inside or out. (Putnam Science Academy)
Brahin Riley  6’8 (Delaware)  Athletic, finisher, shot blocker, best days ahead.
Mike Pitts  6’4 (Pa)   Strong on boards, hard worker, gives everything, leader.
Barry Quartlebum  6’5 (Pa)  Nice range, rebounds, solid inside defender.
Rashaad Anderson  6’5 (Pa)   Defender, finishes around the rim, rebounds, plays hard.
Jordan Cardenas 6’8 (Ecusdor/Pa)    Big body, strong inside, rebounds, scores well inside
2017 Unsigned Senior Showcase TOP 30

Registration for 2017 Senior Showcase(Rosters Added)


Due to the overwhelming response for the showcase we want to make sure everyone understood the

Registration process. All participants must CONTACT Rasool Hajj either text 2679733708 or Email with name,height,school,contact information(telephone number & email) SAT/ACT score and highlights if applicable. The registration fee will be collected April 8th.

Date: 4/8/17
Location: Imhotep Charter( 6201 N 21st Phila PA 19138)
Registration Time 8:30am
Registration Fee 40.00( Includes a 1 game guarantee, t-shirt, players game(sent to our coaches database which includes 500+ Colleges) Players bring own sneakers and shorts

Showcase schedule

Game 1 White vs Black 9:30am
Team WHITE                                       Team Black   
Rodriguez 5’11                                     Rhodes 6’5
Blender 6’1                                            I. Waston 6’3
Fleming 6’2                                           Whiting 6’1
To. Moore 6’5                                        Lee 6’2
Johnson-Chavis 6’8                              Sylla 6’8
Ta. Moore 5’10                                      Green 5’9
Bey-Comb 6’2                                        Hollis 6’0
Dickens 6’3                                            Anderson 6’5
M.Watson 6’7                                        Warren 6’6
Fafano 6’5                                              Te. Moore 6’7

Game 2 White vs Black 10:45am

TeamWhite                                          Team Black
D.Johnson jr 6’2                                    Smith 5’11
Hodges 6’3                                             Simmons 6’3
Fuller 5’11                                             Guess 6’4
Wilmore 6’3                                          Pitts 6’3
Riley 6’7                                                 N. Smith 5’8
Chong-Qui 5’10                                     Cassel 6’3
Inge 6’1                                                  S. Johnson 6’2
Stanbury 6’3                                         Bardlavens 6’4
King 6’3                                                  Quartlebum 6’5
Ty. Johnson 6’4                                     Waters 6’7

Game 3 White vs Black 12pm

Team White                                      Team Black
Alston 5’10                                          Ali 5’8
White 6’2                                            Prescott 6’2
Mcneal-Wright 6’2                            Patterson 6’2
Brody 5’11                                          Khan EL 6’7
Camper 6’9                                         Fleminster 5’10
Coleman 6’2                                       Matthews 6’2
Trice 6’0                                              Sims 6’7
D.Johnson 6’2                                     Manning 6’1
Mcfarland 6’8                                     Murcia 6’8
Carr 6’2                                                R. Johnson 6’4

Game 4  Black vs White 1:15pm
Team Black                                     Team White
Azemi 6’0                                          Morris 6’2
Holmes 6’1                                        Archer 6’3
Wiggins 6’7                                       Noble 6’0
Bellenger 6’6                                    Smalls 6’3
Brown 6’0                                         West 6’2
Everette 6’3                                      Stephens 6’2
Mcdree 6’0                                       Bryant 6’0
Lorenzano 6’3                                 Higgins 6’4

Game 5 2:30pm “Coaches Choice”
This game will feature the top 20 players at the showcase




2017 Showcase Players highlights!!!!

Nisheem Mcneal Wright

Letrell West(NJ)

Devontea Wiggins

Malik Archer & Maqi Waston

Audenried Seniors( Blue/White #23 Terrence Moore, Blue/White #1 Damir Prescott, Blue/White #4 Nisheem Mcneal – Wright)

Arian Azemi

Tamir Green(white #0) & Maurice Waters(white #10)

Ronnell Turner(Ohio)

Billy Warren

Joe Davis(VA)

showcase 2017

Registration for 2017 Senior Showcase(Rosters Added)